Sheffmed Thudicum Metal Nasal Specula - Single USe

by Sheffmed

Sheffmed Nasal Thudicum Metal is a non sterile single use instrument designed with balanced sprung blades that are inserted into the nostrils to open and expand the nasal cavity for examinations and outpatient procedures. The Nasal Thudicum Metal is made of a lightweight surgical steel with smooth edges for patient comfort and comes individually packaged.

The Thudicum is disposable, being intended for single-use, and is available in seven different sizes.


  • Number 1
  • Code: SHM-TE12-124
  • Number 2
  • Code: SHM-TE12-125
  • Number 3
  • Code: SHM-TE12-126
  • Number 4
  • Code: SHM-TE12-130
  • Number 5
  • Code: SHM-TE12-131
  • Number 6
  • Code: SHM-TE12-132
  • Number 7
  • Code: SHM-TE12-133

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