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Medical Technology is our Passion

The German translations for 'Quality' and 'Strong' are 'Hochwertig' and 'Stark' respectively - we went with Stark. At Starkmed, we don't have a talent for healing people. Our skill is in sourcing and supplying world class tools and technologies to help healthcare professionals heal their patients. To read more on our company goals, mission and promises please visit our about page.

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Cardioline ECG 100 | 200 series troubleshooting guide

Cardioline ECG 100 | 200 series troubleshooting guide

 Our very own troubleshooting guide to assist you quickly and effectively pin point the source of your potential ECG issue. As well as the resolutions we've found to help you go about your day to day. We will take you through all the L, S and + series



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Cardioline TouchECG HD+ setup guide

Cardioline TouchECG HD+ setup guide

The touch ECG simplifies the monitoring process through Bluetooth connection with windows tablets, laptops & computers. 

This system allows for seamless transmission of information between the patient, ECG and output device. Most beneficial of all is mobility. The Bluetooth capabilities allow for clinicians to move about freely whilst taking measurements from the patient. Furthermore, this ECG set-up allows for wi-fi printing on regular paper, meaning there is no longer a need for ECG specific paper.

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