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Trouble finding what you were looking for? We're here to help! Give us a call at 1300 938 637
Trouble finding what you were looking for? We're here to help! Give us a call at 1300 938 637

Autoclave Validation Service

Original price $654.50 - Original price $654.50
Original price
$654.50 - $654.50
Current price $654.50

Validation is a mandatory process described by Australian standard (AS/NZS 5369) that should be undertaken upon installation and then at least once every year on your autoclave. This process is a legal obligation to ensure that your autoclave is sterilising correctly and removes the risk of cross contaminant diseases being passed to your patients.

The validation process involves the completion of a biological indicator test. We will supply these biological indicators and instructions for use as part of our service. 

Once validation is completed by a Starkmed technician, you will then be issued with a certificate and report that can become part of a legal document if ever needed. This will reduce the risk of litigation being taken against your practice which could result in closure and serious implications for you as a practitioner and the wellbeing of patients.

This service is currently available in NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC and SA. 

What is included in this service?

  • Temperature and pressure mapping
  • Steam penetration verification
  • Biological Spore Test
  • Incubation of biological indicators
  • Qualification reports in line with (AS/NZS 5369)
  • Validation certificate for your facility
  • *Price does not include replacement parts (Door Seal, Bacteriological Filter, or Dust Filter)

Which devices are compatible with this service? 

We will service any model benchtop steam steriliser.

How does it work?

Once service is purchased through this page, we will communicate with you on the same day through the contact you provide in the checkout. This will be primarily to organise a date and time for the in-service. 

What if my device fails validation? 

If in the case your device fails validation, we will work to diagnose the underlying issue and repair your unit within a reasonable time frame. If the issue can be fixed without the need for spare parts, we will perform the repair and record it in the service report. If the device is in need of a more in-depth repair or requires spare parts, we will be in contact with you regarding the next steps. Should we not be able to repair your device in a timely manner, there may be the option to supply you with a loan unit (depending on circumstances and availability). 

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