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Liver Assist Organ Perfusion System

The Liver Assist is a dedicated device for ex vivo oxygenated perfusion of a donor liver. The perfusion is pressure controlled, with dual perfusion of the Hepatic Artery and Portal Vein. Temperature can be set from hypothermic to normothermic conditions thanks to an integrated heater and cooler.

The Liver Assist is designed to improve liver procurement, test the organs and increase the amount of transplantable livers. We offer the tools for optimal pre-conditioning, preservation and re-conditioning.

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Liver Assist Organ Perfusion System
  • Isolated dual perfusion of donor livers
  • Pulsatile perfusion of Hepatic artery (60 bpm)
  • Continuous flow patern to Portal vein
  • Pressure controlled perfusion
  • Oxygenation of the perfusion solution or blood
  • Dedicated perfusion pressure and flow settings
  • Easy priming procedure
  • Mobile device
  • User friendly interface
  • Uniquely designed liver suspension which supports the liver
  • Specially developed cannulas
  • Temperature adjustable from 12 to 38 degrees Celcius
  • CE marked

Liver Assist Organ Perfusion System

Liver Assist Set-up Instructional Video

 Liver Assist Cannulation Video

For more detailed information please download the Liver Assist Brochure or request a consultation on our Contact page.