About Stark Medical Australia

Stark Medical

In 2016, a new Australian Medical, Surgical and Veterinary equipment supplier was being forged from the frustration of customers looking for an easier way to interact with over 2000 Medical equipment companies in Australia. 

The question was asked; "What if we could allow our customers to research, evaluate and purchase our products without relying on Sales Representatives?"

To achieve our goal we would need to provide quality equipment that was Strong, Tough, Robust and Reliable - All words which can be derived from the German translation of Stark.

Trust the Germans, renowned for their ability to produce the highest quality medical products, to devise a word with so many amazing attributes. It was no wonder Stan Lee and George R. R. Martin choose Stark to represent some of our most recognisable modern day pop-culture icons. 

Our Promises

At the heart of the Stark Medical brand is the trust developed when our customers receive;

1. Convenient ordering via eCommerce, phone or email

2. Fast dispatch and Reliable Delivery from Sydney

3. A Product which is TGA registered, CE marked and High Quality

4. Knowledge that Customer Support is ready and willing to help you - help your Patients

Stark Medical Australia Principles

If we breach any of these promises please contact Management directly via our Contact page. We also welcome our customers to leave a negative product review, complaint on Facebook, LinkedIn and / or Google+. If we have spinach in our teeth, please let us know about it.