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Trouble finding what you were looking for? We're here to help! Give us a call at 1300 938 637
Trouble finding what you were looking for? We're here to help! Give us a call at 1300 938 637

Electrical Safety Testing (AS/NZS 3551:2012)

Stark Medical offer electrical safety testing for Sydney-wide healthcare practices. This service is useful for facilities who require electrical safety compliance testing on any number of medical devices. Our department is able to attend locations and perform testing or you may send a unit to us at our service centre. Enquire for an electrical safety test service now by using the contacts at the bottom of this page.

Why is electrical safety required? 

Electrical safety testing is an important measure to increase safety in any healthcare environment. It is well advised that a healthcare practice should ensure all medical equipment is free from damage and is safe against electrical shock. 

Healthcare practices also have a legal liability to protect all patients, staff and visitors who enter their practice. Owners of a general practice have a duty of care to increase the quality and safety of all patients, staff and visitors. Electrical safety testing of your medical equipment will reduce the risk of a Work Health and Safety incident while at the same time complying with Australian Standard 3551:2012 and RACGP requirements. 

The electrical safety of your medical device should be tested at various stages of the equipment's life cycle. This could be a brand new unit that is installed at your practice or at regular intervals as part of preventative maintenance procedures. The manufacturer's recommendations should be followed for how often routine testing should take place. 

How can we ensure electrical safety? 

At the time of manufacturing, your medical device was equipped with a number of safety features that are designed to protect people from electric shock. An electrical safety test according to the standard (AS3551) will check the integrity of these safety features and test for stray currents by performing following tests:  

Visual Inspection:
  • Checking the device enclosure, power lead and any electrical connections for damage or cracks
  • Checking if the unit has been cleaned properly and is hygienic
  • Checking the fuse rating according to specification 
  • Checking the safety markings and labels 
  • Checking the integrity of mechanical parts 
Protective Earth Resistance: 

In the unlikely event of an electrical fault, this test will ensure leakage current will flow to the protective earth pin rather than through conductive parts of the device's enclosure. Electrical current should easily flow through this path, so a very low resistance measurement ensures safety against electrical shock.  


This test will ensure your device's enclosure will withstand a high voltage input without breaking down. We do not want electrical current to easily flow through the enclosure, so a very high resistance measurement ensures safety against electrical shock. Two measurements are taken:

1. Measurement between live/neutral shorted and protective earth 

2. Measurement between live/neutral shorted and exposed conductive parts of the enclosure. 

Leakage Current:

Finally testing is conducted to confirm there is no leakage current throughout the device. Leakage current refers to any present electrical current that is not functional and not intended for operating the device. Leakage current will always be present throughout a device, but the value should remain very low. Tests for leakage current include: 

  • Touch leakage: leakage current flowing from enclosure of the device to the earth/ground. 
  • Earth Leakage: leakage current flowing down the earth pin in the mains lead. 
  • Patient Leakage: leakage current flowing from any applied parts to the earth/ground. 
  • Mains Contact Current: Leakage though applied parts that may come into direct contact with the patient's heart or other similar applications.

Can we test the medical equipment in your practice? 

Our Biomed engineers have nationally recognised training, qualifications and experience to conduct Electrical Safety Testing specific to your facility's requirements. 

Stark Medical specialise in testing a range of medical equipment, and our list of expertise is always expanding: 

- ECG Machines - BP devices
- ESU Devices - Treadmill Units
- Suction Units  - Ergometer Bikes
- Spirometers

We provide a dedicated in-service for all local healthcare practices across Sydney and visit: 

 - Aged Care Facilities - Dental Clinics
- General Practitioners - Specialists Clinics
- Hospitals - Laboratories
- Laser/Skin Clinics - Medical Centres
- Orthodontists - Pharmacies
- Veterinaries - And more...

Bookings and Further Enquiry

Contact us now to enquire or schedule a Biomedical Electrical Safety Testing service: or 1300 938 637 or complete and submit our online enquiry form