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Trouble finding what you were looking for? We're here to help! Give us a call at 1300 938 637
Trouble finding what you were looking for? We're here to help! Give us a call at 1300 938 637

Electrosurgical Unit Preventative Maintenance – Australia

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Stark Medical is offering preventative maintenance (PM) checks, including electrical safety testing (AS/NZS 3551:2012) for our own LED Surtron ESUs. These tests should be performed every 12 months and are recommended by the manufacturer and required by medical equipment standard AS/NZS IEC 60601.2.2:2016. These checks will also ensure peace of mind that your ESU is safe to use with your patients.

What is included in this service? This service does not include repairs for broken ESUs that require spare parts. To enquire about having your unit serviced for repair, please contact us here.

  • Electrical Safety Test in line with AS/NZS 3551:2012
  • Performance verification in line with AS/NZS IEC 60601.2.2:2016.
  • Visual Inspection (device enclosure and accessories)
  • HF Leakage check
  • Power output verification
  • CQM test
  • Preventative maintenance report
  • Electrical safety report
  • Courier pick-up and drop-off to your location
  • Turnaround time of 1-3 working days

Which devices are compatible with this service?

We will service any model of ESU manufactured by LED Spa

LED Surtron 80/120/160
LED Surtron 200 Touch
LED Surtron 400HP
LED Surtron Touch HP 400W

If your device is not shown in this list, contact us today to discuss if we can perform preventative maintenance on your ESU.

How does booking a service work?

Once service is purchased through this page, we will communicate with you on the same day through the contact you provide in the checkout. This will be to discuss the next steps to carry out this service. In the meantime, please safely box your device as a courier label will be emailed to you for attachment. (Don't forget to include the AC cord.) Your packaged ESU will be picked up the next business day from practically anywhere in Australia. Your device will be transported to Sydney where the preventative maintenance service will take place before a courier delivers the device back to you.

What if my device fails a test?

If we find that your ESU is not conforming to the manufacturer's standards, it usually means your device requires a re-calibration, or your device may need to be repaired. If the issue can be fixed without the need for spare parts, we will perform the repair and record it in the service report. If the device needs a more in-depth repair or requires spare parts, we will be in contact with you regarding the next steps.

Customer Service

We understand that you may want to speak to someone before pre-purchasing a fixed price service, which is why we are here to receive your enquiries. If you need more info or have any feedback, please contact us today on 1300 938 637 or . 

Price includes the yearly PM service, including courier fees, for 1 device. If you require service for additional devices, please contact us for a quote.

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