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ISO 9001 Quality Policy

Quality Management System Manual (Issue: 2, Rev .0)

C. Quality policy

Our Quality Policy reflects our strong willingness and commitment to serve our customers.

  • We are dedicated to nurturing a quality mindset to provide high-quality products and services that our customers can trust.
  • We comply with the relevant laws, regulations, and internal requirements while continuously challenging ourselves to improve our quality management system to prevent quality incidents and eliminate customer dissatisfaction.
  • We determine measurable targets for performance improvement which we analyse at least annually and adjusting our quality objectives based on the findings.
  • We encourage all employees and third parties to participate in quality responsibilities through education, training, mentorship, and supervision.
  • We support acts that promote risk-based thinking, teamwork, employee engagement, and ownership to achieve our quality objectives.
  • We provide the necessary leadership, management, and resources to improve our quality processes continuously, facilities, work environment, and ourselves.

Our management sets measurable targets for performance improvement and analyses the data at least once a year to adjust the quality objectives based on the findings. In addition, the management also reviews the Quality Policy annually and communicates the results to our employees and third parties.

At Stark Medical, we firmly believe that quality is a bond between us and our customers. We are committed to delivering our best products and services to empower healthcare professionals to help and heal their patients.


Todd Spokes General Manager

Managing Director

20th of March 2023