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Careers at Starkmed

Stark Medical is an Australian eCommerce company specialising in the supply of Medical, Surgical and Veterinary equipment. We have an awesome line-up of incredible equipment from our international suppliers. However, what sets us apart from our corporate competition is our ability to harness new technology, providing smooth and seamless service to our customers.

At Starkmed, our focus is on the User’s Experience. From the time our customer lands on our website, to the moment they feel 100% empowered to use our equipment to diagnose and heal their patients. 

What does the perfect fit look like at Stark Medical?


1. Prefer curious exploration over a guided tour
2. Know what osmosis is
3. Don’t need to dress smart to feel smart
4. Are easily irritated observing inefficiency


1. Travel the World to find Technology that will make Australians healthier
2. Support our equipment like it is being used on our parents
3. LOVE Medical Technology
4. Prefer Product and Clinical Education over 'Salesy' Manipulation


To read more about what we do and more importantly why we do it, please see our about page. 


Unfortunately, we are not currently hiring. Thank you for your interest! 

Please keep an eye out here for when we hire next. 

Career opportunities will also be announced on both our LinkedIn & Facebook.