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Trouble finding what you were looking for? We're here to help! Give us a call at 1300 938 637
Trouble finding what you were looking for? We're here to help! Give us a call at 1300 938 637
ATMOS LC27 Troubleshooting Guide

ATMOS LC27 Troubleshooting Guide

The ATMOS LC27 is our exclusive device for homecare suction. If in the unfortunate event your LC27 is failing to work properly, please try the suggestions found in this guide. If you are setting up your LC27 unit for the first time, you may benefit from our online set-up guide.

What issues are covered in this guide? 
  • 1. Suction capacity - My unit has very little, or no suction power at all
  • 2. Power & Battery - My unit is inconsistently stopping/starting or not turning on at all
  • 3. Other tips and FAQ - I have more questions about my LC27

1. Suction Capacity 

Issue: My unit has very little, or no suction power at all. 

Tip #1: Is the battery fully charged?

If your device has the battery option, please make sure that the battery is charged completely. This is indicated when the two green LEDs are lit on top of the device. Otherwise, plug the device into mains power until fully charged. Try operating the unit at full battery capacity.

Tip #2: Does the hydrophobic filter need replacement?  

Check the hydrophobic filter of your device. Is it present, dry and in tact? The white cylinder on this part is designed to stop fluid from entering the device. So, if it is wet or looks damaged, it must be replaced with a new one. If you are unsure, it is better to replace it, especially if it hasn't been replaced in the last 3+ months. Insert a filter by turning it a quarter turn clockwise.

Don't have a replacement filter? Filter replacements are supplied individually or in packs of 10 and can be purchased through our website here: Atmos LC27 Bacterial Filter Cartridge

Tip #3: Is the canister OK?

If you have the DDS canister as seen below, open the lid of the canister, and make sure the black rubber o-ring is present and in tact.

If this o-ring is missing or lost, please contact StarkMed here for a replacement.

Carefully check your canister overall for any cracks or damage that might cause leakage of air. If you think it is ok, secure the lid onto the canister by screwing it on with a quarter turn clockwise. It is important that you do not overtighten the lid as it may cause damage to the rubber seal. Lock the canister in place with the device. 

If you need a replacement canister for your LC27, you can find them on our website here: Atmos Medical Suction Canister 

Tip #4: Is the adapter, hose + tip in tact, and free from blockage? 

Check the blue adaptor that connects to the canister lid. Make sure the black seal is present and intact and then insert it into the the canister with a quarter turn. It is important that you do not overtighten this piece, as it may cause damage to the seal. 

If you need replacement hose adaptors, you may find them on our website here: Atmos Medical Universal Hose Adapter

Finally, check your hose and suction tip for any kinks, cracks, or blockage that could cause a loss of suction. If you need to replace your suction hose, tip, or consumable, please visit our website here.

If you have checked all steps and find that your unit is still not producing adequate suction, you may want to send your device for service and repair. Please complete our online product return form here and we will be in contact with you.  


2. Power & Battery

My unit is inconsistently starting or stopping or not turning on at all. 

Tip #1: Are you using the correct power supply, and is it properly fitted?

Only the supplied AC power cord should be used to charge/operate your LC27 unit. Make sure it the same as the one below with an ATMOS label printed on the back. 

Make sure the cable is properly fitted and try plugging the device at a different power point if it's not immediately working. 

For battery units, make sure the mains power unit is working by looking at the LED indicator on the top of the unit. If the red light is illumined, and does not go away after charging for more than 1 hour, please send the device to StarkMed for repair. 

Tip #2: Have you exceeded the recommended operation time?

According to the operating instructions, the device should only run for a maximum of 30 mins and then rest for 30 mins. Exceeding this time frame can cause the unit to cease in operation. If you believe your unit is not working due to over-use, please send the device to StarkMed for repair. 

Tip #3: Has liquid penetrated the device?  

To avoid liquid penetrating the device, please make sure you only operate the device with an undamaged hydrophobic filter installed. In the case that liquid has penetrated the device, the device will no longer be operable. In this case, please send the unit to us for repair. 

To send your LC27 device to StarkMed for repair, please complete our online form here: Online Product Return Form 


3. Other tips/troubleshooting/FAQ: 

I have more questions about my LC27.

Q1: I want to be sure I am connecting and operating my suction unit correctly to avoid accidental damage, how can I make sure of this? 

Follow our online guide for product set-up: ATMOS LC27 Quick Set-up Guide. If you need further assistance, please contact StarkMed.

Q2: Is my device covered under warranty? 

Yes, new devices come with a standard 2 year warranty for faults not caused by user error. 

Q3: I accidently dropped my unit and damaged either the enclosure or the handle. Can I get this fixed? 

Yes, we can repair most accidental damages at our service centre. To send your device for repair, please complete our online product return form here. Please note, repairs for accidental damage are not covered under warranty. 

Q4: I need to send my suction unit for service, but I normally use the device every day, what can I do? 

StarkMed provide an option to send out a loan unit while your current unit is in for repair. Loan units are provided at Stark Medical's discretion and are subject to availability and T's & C's. 

Q5: How should I clean my device without causing damage?

Avoid using cleaning agents that contain chlorimide or phenol on plastic parts. Only use lint-free, soft cloths to wipe and use dimineralised water to rinse. Ultimately, follow the instructions found in your user manual. 


If you have read this guide completely and determine that your unit is not working after trying our suggestions, you may want to send it to us for repair. You can submit a service enquiry with us online by completing the following form: Online Product Return Form


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