Cardioline Clickholter monitor and Cubeholter software installation guide

Cardioline Clickholter Monitor

The Clickholter is another successful product from the Italian family based manufacturer Cardioline. This non-invasive cardiac monitoring device is an advanced piece of technology, light in weight, small in size, easy to use and boasting sampling rates over 250hz for up to 48 hours. Also Cardioline's top of the line holter, the Walk400H, can sample at 1000hz up to 48 hours and sample at 250hz up to 7 days. Along with these features, Cardioline have an easy to use software program called Cubeholter. This program allows practitioners to upload patient information, download tests and analyse information seamlessly. 

Through this set-up guide we will take you through the following processes in the efforts to streamline your productivity within a clinical setting;

  • Installation of Cubeholter software
  • Setting up a patient for a Holter test
  • Downloading patient data for analysis purposes

For more information on Cardioline Clickholter - click here

Please note the below specifications for the use of the Cubeholter software, have been taken directly from the Cardioline Cubeholter user manual. 

With these requirements in mind we have chosen to use a Windows Surface 2 laptop with Windows 10 for the purposes of this blog. 

Cubeholter software install

Within your Cardioline package you should have received a software package box, in here you should see an orange and silver USB stick like the picture below 

Plug this into your computer or laptop and follow these easy steps to install the Cubeholter software. If you are using the CD to install Cubeholer, the steps should be almost similar

Once you plug the USB into your device the following window should automatically open (if this does not happen, automatically open your folders and click on the USB drive highlighted by the grey bar on the left hand side of the screen)


Click on the icon to open up the Cubeholter application.


Setting up a patient for a Holter test using Cubeholter

At the end of the last section we asked you to open the Cubeholter App, if you haven't already got the app open please do so now. 

You will need all of the following for setting up a patient and sending them off for a holter test. The product crossed out will be used in the next section. 


For this step please remove the battery from the back on the Clickholter (this needs to be done when setting up every new patient, so please get used to removing the battery when setting up a new patient), otherwise the test data will not transfer to the unit when the battery is in. 

Connect the USB cable to the Clickholter and plug it into your computer 



Now you've got your Clickholter plugged into the USB port of your computer correctly, you should see the above appear on the screen of your Clickholter. If you do not see this on the display screen, simply turn your device back on by the orange button above the Cardioline logo.

Upon opening up the Cubeholter App you will see the following screen.


Removing your device correctly will ensure you are not potentially corrupting the device or the integrity of the cables ability to transfer data. 


The below diagram can be found in the Cardioline Clickholter user manual. This is the lead placement for a 5 wire patient which we used for this demonstration. 

Once the patient is connected to the cables, follow these steps to activate the device to start its recording period.


If you have made it this far without any issues, cables are secured, the screen is blacked out and the light is intermittently flashing blue then you can confidently send the patient away.

Downloading patient for analysis purposes

Please note we are not demonstrating the use of the software USB key in this blog, we are only assisting you in how to effectively use the Clickholter and Cubeholter software.

Once your patient has returned from their Holter test, please do the following to download the information. Make sure you have detached the patient cables and attached the USB cable to the device and plugged it into your computer.

This is when we will need the software USB key. 

Plug this into your computer. Please note you don't need to have the orange USB plugged in every time you open CubeHolter. This software is saved on your device once you install it. Open up Cubeholter to download the data.

Below, is what the software USB key allows you to do after a Holter test. We have just provided these photos as a reference point so you can be sure you're on the right path. If you need to understand the analysis software more please revert to the Cubeholter WS user manual for a more in depth explanation. 



To produce the PDF report click on the tab highlighted by the green arrow. From here make sure all relevant information is correct and click the report button highlighted by the circle at the bottom. This will open up a new window where you can view the PDF and then save this within your patient archives. 


Hopefully this has been helpful and assisted you in understanding your Cardioline Clickholter and Cubeholter software better. Should you want to view any of our Cardioline holter products click here.

If you require some more information on any ECG electrodes click here

Thank you for taking the time to read through this blog, should you require any more information from our specialists please contact us here

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