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Trouble finding what you were looking for? We're here to help! Give us a call at 1300 938 637
Trouble finding what you were looking for? We're here to help! Give us a call at 1300 938 637
Cardioline ECG200+: Connectivity, a powerful tool for clinicians

Cardioline ECG200+: Connectivity, a powerful tool for clinicians

The Cardioline ECG200+ is an advanced 12-lead electrocardiograph, which can display, acquire, printout (on A4 z-paper, 12, 6 or 3 channels) and store ECG exams for adults, children & infants. With high sampling rates for input and data output resolution, users can expect an extremely accurate resting ECG reading.

The Cardioline ECG200+ is built around the concept of connectivity and streamlining processes. The 'Link' function allows for communication with the hospital/clinic's management system at the touch of a button via WiFi or LAN. This feature allows clinicians to access & store results after a patients ECG reading.

Device Options


The ECG200+ can also be fitted with options to maximise workflow efficiency such as DICOM software that allows for flexible integration with existing clinical infrastructure such as a PACS system. The 200+ can include the DICOM-HL7-XML-GDT package which allows for export & input functions in several formats.


Glasgow University Interpretation

The Glasgow University Interpretation software is an optional feature that may be desired by some clinicians. The Glasgow interpretation software will help to interpret ECG data in real-time across genders, ages and even race to help clinicians identify issues that would often be too minute to detect and diagnose, such as myocardial infarction & left bundle branch blocks. 

The software can take into account wave amplitudes by considering racial or age variations thereby allowing for use of the ECG from neonates to adults. 
These interpretations are delivered as statements in which the user can choose either long or short. The data can also be exported as a PDF and sent directly to your device.

General Data Protection Regulation

Cardioline also offers a data security system that ensures patient data is kept private and only accessible by approved clinicians. 

ECG Easy App

The ECG easy app is a functional software that can be optioned to help communicate patient data and information within a clinical setting. By connecting the ECG machine to the IP address, two will form a network in which data can be seamlessly transmitted, logged & viewed. 

Memory Extension

The ECG200+ memory can also be upgraded to hold up to 1000 ECG tests. 

Some features of the ECG200+ includes ports for Micro USB B, USB and LAN.



Watch an overview of the ECG200+ 

See below for full specifications & optionable features:


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