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Trouble finding what you were looking for? We're here to help! Give us a call at 1300 938 637
Trouble finding what you were looking for? We're here to help! Give us a call at 1300 938 637
Propulse PP17P Troubleshooting Guide

Propulse PP17P Troubleshooting Guide

The ProPulse® PP17P is the newest edition of ear irrigators produced by the UK company Mirage Health Group. From time to time the ProPulse® can cease to work as intended, but the good news is that the majority of these issues can be easily resolved by you, from where you are now, without the use of tools. This guide will aim to equip you with the right information to quickly diagnose and fix your ProPulse® issue.

Problems we cover in this guide

  • Leaking from the handle
  • Leaking from the reservoir 
  • Stiff controls 
  • Intermittent or no water flow 
  • Intermittent power or not switching on 
  • Tips to avoid issues in the future

Leaking from the Handle

Are you using the correct tips?

Only ProPulse® QrX™ tips may be used with the ProPulse® ear irrigator. Check to see if the tips you are using are clearly branded with the ProPulse® logo. If they are not ProPulse® branded, you can get the correct tips expressed shipped to you here, or of course via your preferred supplier. 

Is the QrX™ tip inserted correctly?

Incorrect insertion can cause bent or broken prongs which lead to an incorrect seal. Insert a new QrX™ tip by pushing it into the handle. You will know the tip is inserted when you hear a click. 

The Propulse® QrX™ tips are designed for “Single Use” only and should be disposed of in accordance with local authority guidelines after each use. 

Are you removing your QrX™ tips correctly?

Incorrect release can cause a breakage in the collar spring. To check the spring, retract the collar of the handle with your thumb and release to allow it spring back into place. If it does not spring back, the spring inside is broken and you will need to get the handle replaced. 

Remove a QrX™ tip correctly by pulling back the collar with your thumb and using your other hand to remove the QrX™ tip. 

Leaking from the Reservoir

The reservoir of the ProPulse® is fitted with a small mushroom valve and O-ring. The mushroom valve is designed to prevent water from flowing while filling the tank and the O-ring will create a seal between the reservoir and main unit. 

Are you using the correct O-ring?

Firstly, check if your are using the correct O-ring. This is easy to determine because the correct O-ring for the ProPulse® PP17P is red compared to the black one that is used for older models of the Propulse. 

Have you recently replaced the valve and O-ring?

General usage of the ProPulse® can wear out the O-ring and mushroom valve. A faulty O-ring or mushroom valve can cause a slow leak from the reservoir.

Once you have verified you have the correct O-ring, try replacing it along with the mushroom valve. This is especially recommended if you have not replaced these within the last 3 months. Replacing the mushroom valve and O-ring is easy and no tools are required. 

Still not sure whether you are using the right O-ring or mushroom valve? Please refer to this user guide.

Stiff Controls 

Even brand new units can arrive with the water flow knob a bit stiff. Quickly resolve this issue by filling your tank with water and connecting a QrX™ tip to the handle. Point the tip back into the reservoir and run the machine for 1-2 minutes while at the same time slowly turning the knob back and forth until it moves more smoothly. 

Intermittent or No Water Flow

Sometimes air can enter the system which results in incorrect water flow. Run the unit with a tank full of water while at the same time pushing down on the reservoir to create a good seal on the O-ring. Keep the unit running until the water flow is correct. This should take about 1 minute. 

If your unit is still not producing the correct water flow, check the plug whole on the upper casing of the ProPulse® , the handle and the QrX™ tip for any potential blockages. 

If you have tried these steps and are still having trouble with water flow, there may be a problem with your unit's pump. At this stage you will have to return your unit for servicing. 

If you need to send your unit back to us, start by filling out a product return form, and we will be in touch with you in regards to the next steps of action. 

Intermittent Power or Not Switching On

Issues with the power to your unit may come down to an issue with either the power supply or footswitch.  

If you are having issues with drawing power to your unit, may need to return your unit us to determine the underlying cause and take the appropriate action. Launch a product return by filling out this form and remember to send back your power supply cable and footswitch along with your unit.

Internal damages due to misuse or water damage may not be covered under warranty. Please refer to the following guide: 

To Avoid Issues in the Future 

Here are a few tips that can help prolong the life of your ProPulse® and reduce the likelihood of issues later down the track. 

Periodically replace the mushroom valve and O-ring. 

General use of the ProPulse® causes the reservoir O-ring and mushroom valve to wear out. This is normal. To help avoid many teething issues of the ProPulse® , keep spare O-rings and valves near your unit and replace them periodically. I recommend changing them every 3-4 months, but this can also depend on how much the unit is used. Purchase a pack of O-ring and mushroom valve replacements here. 1 pack will last for over a year.

    Follow the correct procedure for cleaning your ProPulse®

    If you are already in the habit of cleaning your ProPulse®, well done! Keeping your Propulse clean is important. What is equally important is following the correct procedures for cleaning. As this unit contains electrical components, it is vital to keep water from reaching these areas. Please refer to the following resources for correct cleaning instructions:


    Please also refer to our videos on the ProPulse® for guidance on set-up, use and cleaning!


    We hope this guide was of assistance to you. If you need any more guidance regarding the ProPulse® or any other device we sell, please do not hesitate to contact us directly here to specify your issue. 


    Check out all accompanying accessories for the ProPulse®:


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