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Trouble finding what you were looking for? We're here to help! Give us a call at 1300 938 637
LED Surtron 80 Diathermy Monopolar and Bipolar Setup

LED Surtron 80 Diathermy Monopolar and Bipolar Setup


Device information  

The LED Surtron 80 is an Italian made high-frequency electrosurgical device suitable for light and medium surgeries. 

The Surtron allows pure cut, cut-coagulation blend, superficial, coagulation forced coag, deep coagulation in absence of necrosis, soft coag and with the addition of a special adaptor, bipolar coagulation as well. 

Stark Medical recommends that all users of the LED Surtron Devices should consult the user manual (link at bottom of page) before usage. This guide intends to provide a streamlined outline of device setup and maintenance but is not a substitute for the user manual. 

Before using the LED Surtron, users should ensure these safety precautions are taken: 

  • Check the integrity of cords, connections and wires.
  • Ensure that all the electrical equipment is properly grounded.
  • Ensure all devices that require sterilisation have been properly treated.
  • Disconnect the reference electrode cable in order to change the function of the OC light. If the device is functioning as intended, the light and alarm will activate.
  • Check the function of CUT and COAG using the power switch.

The LED device will sound immediately upon powering up. You should notice the number panels both Yellow and Blue light up and run a check after the first sound. After the device is in operating condition it will sound again.

The device will also sound every time the electrical current is active. LED SpA recommends that the device not be used longer than 10 seconds per interval, as the device temperature will increase extremely quickly. 

  1. Cut: The cut function is coloured Yellow with a dial that can be turned to increase and decrease the power output. The cutting function begins at 0W upon device start-up and has a maximum power output of 80W.

  2. Coagulation: The coagulation function is coloured blue and also has a dial that can be turned to increase or decreased power output. The coagulation function sits at 0W upon device start-up and has a maximum power output of 50W. 

  3. Foot Control: Insert the foot control pedal connection into the leftmost plug. It is important to note that any monopolar hand-control functionality will be overridden following the connection of the foot control.

    The yellow & blue buttons that are found on the monopolar hand-control generally function as an activation trigger. When the foot control is connected, these buttons will become a toggle between cut & coag. 

    Activation for cautery must be done via the connected foot pedal.

  4. Patient return plate: For any monopolar cautery, the patient return plate must be connected in order to complete the circuit. Both reusable and disposable patient return plates can be used. 

  5. Monopolar Hand Control Connection: The monopolar hand control will feature an offset 3 pin connection that can only be connected in one direction. The patient return must be used for monopolar cautery.

  6. Bipolar Forcep Connection: The Bipolar forceps must be connected via an adaptor head which will feature two pins. One pin is elongated and will take the position of the Patient return cable. The other will sit in the left-most connection in the Monopolar hand control connection group.

    The foot control must be connected in order to operate using bipolar. 

LED Surtron Output Graphs & trends

These are common output graphs and trends when using the LED Surtron 80. You can find more information on this in the User Manual. 

LED Surtron Device Maintenance 

None of the internal components of the LED Surtron 80 should be calibrated by the user. If the device is opened by the user, the warranty will be void. Should the device require any internal maintenance / service, please contact Stark Medical to organise a booking with a qualified technician.

Maintenance will be conducted using either a courier pickup of the device which is delivered to an authorised repair centre or a technician will travel to your clinic. 

General Maintenance

For general purpose cleaning and maintenance, ensure the device is unplugged before cleaning. Clean the outside of the device using a damp cloth. Do not use any chemicals when cleaning. Mild non-abrasive cleansers may be used when necessary. 

Accessory Cleaning and Maintenance

If accessories such as monopolar hand-controls and bipolar forceps are single-use items, ensure they are used only for a single session and discarded after use. Should your accessories be reuseable, LED SpA recommends steam sterilisation at 121ºC - 134ºC. Please refer to your accessory manufacturers' sterilisation standards. 

Download the LED Surtron 80 • 120 • 160 User Manual as a PDF below. 

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