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Trouble finding what you were looking for? We're here to help! Give us a call at 1300 938 637
Trouble finding what you were looking for? We're here to help! Give us a call at 1300 938 637
10-step Guide to setting up your Venta suction pump

10-step Guide to setting up your Venta suction pump

Dear valued customer, thank you for your recent purchase of the ATMOS Venta surgical suction pump from Stark Medical. If you are setting up your unit for the first time, or would like to confirm that you have set it up correctly, please use this quick 10-step guide. 

What's included in the box:

When you open your suction device for the first time, you will find various pieces that will need to be put together by you. 

In your package you will find: 
  • 1. Suction device
  • 2. Re-useable suction tube
  • 3. Hydrophobic bacterial filter
  • 4. AC power cord
  • 5. Suction canister 
  • 6. Canister mount 
  • 7. Single-use suction liner 

To ensure a correct and safe fitting of these components, follow our 10-step guide as follows: 

Step 1: Insert Filter 

Insert the hydrophobic bacterial filter in such a way that the printed side is facing upwards.




Step 2: Connect the Suction Tube

Connect the clear re-usable suction tube to the hydrophobic bacterial filter. 

Note: this tubing does not need replacing when using with single use liners. 


 Step 3: Mount the Canister Holder

Mount the canister holder to the side of the suction unit by inserting it from above and into the equipment holder tab. 



Step 4: Insert the Canister

Insert the canister from above and ensure that it is firmly seated by pushing down.

Be sure to do this on a hard flat surface to avoid damage to the device enclosure.  




 Step 5: Connect tube and Canister

Connect the other end of the re-usable suction tube from 'Step 2' to the pre-installed red t-piece connection on the canister.



Step 6: Insert the Suction Liner

Place the suction liner inside the suction canister and secure firmly by pushing down. 




Step 7: Ensure Caps are Closed

 Make sure all caps are closed on the suction liner lid, otherwise air will leak, and you wont get suction through the patient connection. 



 Step 8: Connect Canister and Liner

Connect the canister and liner together by attaching the open end of the red hose to the connection marked 'vacuum' on the liner lid.



 Step 9: Connect Patient Tube

Attach your single-use patient tube to the right-angled connection marked 'patient' on the liner lid. 




Step 10: Plug in Mains Cable

Plug the AC power cord into the equipment socket and connect with mains power. 



The Final Setup

Once you have followed all 10 steps, your device and connections should look something like this: 

Your unit is now ready to operate by pressing the power button located on the front of the unit. Please refer to your user manual for further instructions on operation.  


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