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Frequently Asked Questions: Troubleshooting common Blood Pressure Device issues - ERKA & Microlife

Frequently Asked Questions: Troubleshooting common Blood Pressure Device issues - ERKA & Microlife

ERKA Blood Pressure Sphygmomanometers

Unfortunately, troubleshooting is something that everybody will need to deal with at some point of ownership of products.

Blood pressure cuffs and monitors are no different. Sometimes they won't function as intended and self-diagnosing the issue is often the quickest and most effective solution. 

If your inflation cuff/device is not responding, it is important to identify the root of the issue. The first logical step is to check for any leaks and identify the location of the leak. 

Test inflation whilst immersed underwater:

This method is often the quickest way to check for leaks. If your cuff is from ERKA, the material is waterproof so you need not worry about damages.

  1. Fill a container with water deep enough to immerse the cuff or device completely.

  2. Inflate the cuff as normal.

  3. Look for signs of leakage by identifying the stream of bubbles.

If there is a leak coming from the cuff, the best action forward is to replace the cuff. If there is no sign of leakage from the cuff, there may be an issue with the inflation mechanism (be it an electronic or manual pump). 

ERKA replacement cuffs can be found here: 

Single Tube Cuff
Dual Tube Cuff

If you have identified that the issue does not stem from the cuff itself, feel free to give Stark Med a call.

Microlife Devices: 

A common issue with Microlife AFIB's and ABPM's appears to be the connection between the device body and the cuff. 

Unfortunately, that portion is not directly replaceable as the manufacturer does not produce that exact part. However, the entire cuff can be replaced for $34 dollars.

These replacements can be found here: 

Cuff for A2, A3 devices

Cuff for AFIB200 and Older devices 

If your device is not functioning as intended and the issue is suspected to be the unit itself and not the cuff, please contact us for more assistance.

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