W&H Med LisaSafe Label Printer

by W&H Med

The LisaSafe label printer is a quick and easy tool for linking the sterilisation cycle to instruments used for treatment with the patient file. The label printer is connected to the W&Hmed LISA and LINA autoclaves. Bar code labels are only printed if the sterilisation cycle is successfully completed.

  • Plug&Play solution – the LisaSafe label printer is connected directly to your W&Hmed steriliser.
  • All of the LisaSafe options are controlled directly via W&H autoclave. As a result, it is not necessary to connect anything to a computer.
  • Labels are only printed after successful completion of the sterilisation process in the autoclave.
  • Information about the sterilised products is shown on the labels.
  • Available links to patient records via the bar code labels.

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