Trackmaster TMX428 Non-Controller Treadmill

by Stark Medical Pty Ltd

This device is a heavy-duty, medical treadmill specifically designed to be interfaced and controlled by a variety of cardiac and pulmonary stress test systems. Design features such as the handrails have been used to provide an ergonomic and safe experience. The safety tether can be worn by patients and stops the treadmill when pulled.


The TMX428 also uses the patented MasterTrack® belt alignment system which, prevents lateral movement, eliminates belt alignment issues and reduces impact stress using shock-absorbing isolators.

Product Features 

  • Smooth, quiet, zero-start, 4 HP (6 HP peak) hi-torque drive
  • Smooth, quiet linear actuator elevation system
  • Low-to-the floor, cushioned deck for patient comfort and safety
  • 56 cm x 160 cm running belt and safety handrails
  • Exceptionally accurate, self-calibrating speed and elevation
  • Prominent emergency stop button and patient safety tether
  • Minimum maintenance
  • 15 Amp AC power required

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