RespiVol 5000mL Incentive Spirometer


Respivol is a single patient Incentive Spirometer used to stimulate a deep and prolonged inhalation in patients suffering from restrictive and / or obstructive respiratory muscles. 

The device is used in the training of the respiratory muscles as part of the exercises of respiratory rehabilitation. It is quipped with markers to indicate the goal volume and the results obtained. It is ergonomic and easy to handle with hand grips on both sides and the filters on the base of the device can be removed and disinfected. The tube and mouthpiece can be inserted in the upper slots when the device is not being used.

Respivol 5000 graduated scale from 300 ml up to 1200 ml and 400 ml up to 2000 ml and 500 ml up to 5000 ml.

Digital Inservice

This video shows how to perform lung training using the RespiVol 5000mL. 

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