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Ergoselect 8 Reclining Ergometer

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SKU ERG-194001

The classic examination couch that converts to a full-fledged reclining ergometer with a single hand movement. The ergometry unit is retracted below the couch surface and raised up as needed. Adjustable, removable shoulder supports provide a comfortable counter-surface during exercise tests. The ergoselect 8 design is a perfect fit for both requirements and stands out for its modern and reliable technology.

  • comfortable examination couch
  • full-fledged reclining ergometer
  • ergometry unit folds away easily
  • whisper-quiet belt drive
  • load range from 6 to 450 watts (optionally up to 1000 watts)
  • patient weight up to 225 kg
  • high-quality upholstery fabric
  • universal interface
  • wide range of accessory options