Ergoselect 12 Reclining Ergometer

by Ergoline

Functionality and expressive design, combined to create the perfect stress echo reclining ergometer. The low couch height specifically enables convenient access for elderly patients – without the interference of the ergometry unit, support elements and seat. The extremely sturdy design supports patient weights of up to 200 kg during ergometric testing.

  • patient weight up to 200 kg
  • horizontal and lateral inclination up to 45°
  • remote motor control (wireless option)
  • ergometry unit folds away easily
  • whisper-quiet belt drive
  • load range from 6 to 450 watts (optionally up to 1000 watts)
  • maximum comfort
  • universal interfaces
  • wide range of accessory options


Length: 220 cm
Width: 90 cm
Height: 180 cm (max.)
Weight: approx. 240 kg

Ergometer with packaging

Length: 230 cm
Width: 98 cm
Height: 110 cm
Weight: approx. 258 kg


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