CryoSuccess, 1mm and 4mm tips


The CryoSuccess is a Swiss made cryosurgery device used to liquid freeze with dexterity. The device allows direct contact between the  borosilicate glass tip and the skin generating a constant penetrating temperature of -89° C. The CryoSuccess features a safety release valve which enables the user to disconnect the cartridge without wasting gas. It also features optional interchangeable tip sizes that can be sterilised. The device can be used in various specialities such as dermatology, gynaecology, urology, general surgery, dentistry, veterinary medicine and podiatry. The device comes with a 2 year warranty as standard and this package includes both 1mm and 4mm tips. 

Digital Inservice
This 3m training tutorial includes the following information performed by an Australian GP. 
- Connecting a cartridge
- Using the device
- Removing a cartridge 

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