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Trouble finding what you were looking for? We're here to help! Give us a call at 1300 938 637
Trouble finding what you were looking for? We're here to help! Give us a call at 1300 938 637

Cardioline TouchECG HD Android System with Samsung 10" Tablet

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Cardioline TouchECG HD is the 12-lead PC-ECG Solution designed and developed by Cardioline for ultimate clinical flexibility. This variant of the device can operate with an android tablet in connection with the HD+ acquisition unit.
This package comes with: 

  • 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Glasgow University Interpretation as standard
  • Bluetooth Integration with Android OS
  • Samsung 10" Tablet with 32gb internal storage 

  • The limitless wireless options provide users with the flexibility to move patient data. PDF or DICOM reports with automatic interpretation can be moved through WiFi and the internet without wasting time and money on paper, cords and cable connections.

    TouchECG has been designed to maximise efficiency, simplify medical workflow in the most stringent environments, reduce learning time for clinicians and improve patient comfort. The main functions are represented by symbolic set of instructions available at your fingertips.

    TouchECG offers high-quality signal processing and ECG traces exceeding the most severe international standards for accurate clinical diagnosis and interpretation (AAMI, ANSI, AHA and ACC).

    The Glasgow algorithm for ECG interpretation is included as standard. This program takes into account demographics parameters such as age, sex, and origin (race) and current medical treatment in order to give more accuracy to the analysis.

    TouchECG is compatible with multiple environments and Windows platforms such as portable touch-tablets, ensuring maximum flexibility and matching any specific operational environment.

    Set-up on a portable tablet (including “rugged” type) TouchECG is the perfect “mobile” device for telemedicine, homecare and emergency units. Installed on an all-in-one PC and mounted on a trolley, this device becomes the ideal PC-ECG for hospitals and private doctors working in their practice or clinic.

    TouchECG will be able to import patient lists, export ECG test data files for management and archiving (optional), back onto the clinical network or to the HIS. The connectivity option with Standard Network enables SCP-file transfer through internet, working-list import, whereas communication through DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) ensures working-list and data test transmission (Picture Archiving and communication System).


    This 3 minute video outlines the Features of the Cardioline Touch ECG

    Android Integration

    This 1min video outlines the integration of the TouchECG with various wireless devices