Atmos Medical S61 Servant Workflow with iView ENT Workstation

by Atmos Medical

Atmos Medical S61 Servant Workflow ENT Workstation, includes built in iView 31 Microscope, iQAM Endoscope, powerful 40 L/min suction system, endoscope light source, high spec 24" touch screen PC, instrument management XXL, patient chair and doctor's chair. 

Workstation Features

  • iView 31 Diagnostic Microscope with LED light source
  • Medical Suction System - 40 L/min
  • Medi-Vac disposable secretion management system
  • Compressed Air Module with pressure fine adjustment
  • Manual hose rinsing with manual filling (hygiene module)
  • Manual evacuation of Secretion System
  • Light source - 2x LED Light sources / Light conductors
  • Shelf for endoscopic management, heated, two rigid and one flexible endoscopes, including quivers and protectors
  • 3 Sprayer Bottles for fluid and medication
  • Mirror Quick Heater
  • All-In-One Touch Screen PC (24", Core i7, 16GB RAM, 2TB SSD, 2TB HDD, Win 10)

      Microscope Features

      • ATMOS i View 31 Microscope
      • Vibration free and fan less system
      • Automatic switching between microscope camera and endoscopic camera
      • Integrated microscope stand
      • Mobile stand with monitor holder
      • Easy to manoeuvre via four swivel castors with brakes
      • Cable guide inside the stand
      • Objective: 200 mm
      • 5-steps magnification changer
      • Binocular straight tube, 10-times
      • Integrated Full HD camera
      • T-handle for ATMOS i View


      • ATMOS iQam HD endoscopic USB camera
      • Quick lock
      • Smart adjust
      • Completely Submergible cleaning
      • Magnetic camera head holder

      Cabinet Features

      • ATMOS S 61 Servant instruments XXL
      • Double cabinet
      • Deposit for used instruments
      • Large pull out writing surface
      • Two small drawers
      • Two standard drawers
      • Two flat drawers
      • Set of stainless steel trays
      • Magnetic endoscopic camera holder for personal positioning endoscopic camera head
      Doctor's Chair
      • ATMOS Doctor's Chair with 5 double castors
      • Height adjustment by gas spring system
      • Backrest with variable height adjustment
      • Rotatable backrest (approx. 180°) for use as elbow rest

      Patient Chair 

      • ATMOS Chair Professional Electrical
      • Electric height adjustment by built in foot switch
      • Upper part rotates + / - 165°
      • Detent on both sides
      • Electric adjustable backrest from + 7° forward to- 90° (shock position)
      • Height adjustable headrest
      • Synchronous coupling of the backrest, leg rest and arm rests
      • Retractable foot support
      • Arm rests can be folded up to easily reach the patient

       Atmos Workflow Efficiency - Digital Demonstration

      This 11 minute video from 2012 will show some of the workflow efficiencies that can be achieved using the Atmos ENT workstation.  

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