Atmos Medical iview 31 ENT Microscope

by Atmos Medical

ATMOS iView 31 diagnostic microscope with LED light source, vibration free and fan-less system with integrated HD cam, automatic switching between microscope camera and connectable endoscopic camera on control box output by park position sensor.

The new Atmos iView microscopes are manufactured in South West Germany with the development of the optical System in Wetzlar, a town renowned for its lenses.

LED Advantages

  • Long operating life
  • Not sensitive to vibrations
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low loss of brightness - stable colour characteristics
  • Suitable for stroboscope
  • Maintenance free


  • Full HD Resolution lenses
  • Patented LED Light source
  • Fan-less System
  • 3D HD Optics
  • Large Exit Pupil

Package includes a mobile stand with monitor holder. The complete system is easy to manoeuvre via four swivel castors with brakes. Cable guide inside the stand, including monitor holder.

ATMOS Capture Suite HD, visualisation software including ATMOS 360° Diagnostic software concept with picture and movie management, HD Grabber and cable set.

System Includes

  • ATMOS i View 31 Diagnostic Microscope
  • Objective: 200 mm
  • 5-step magnification changer
  • Binocular straight tube (10-times)
  • Integrated Full HD camera
  • T-handle
  • Mobile stand with mechanical support arm
  • Monitor support for mobile stand
  • ATMOS Capture Suite HD Software
  • High Definition grabber for ATMOS Capture Suite HD


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