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ERKA Stethoscopes: A 125 year devotion to quality, accuracy and efficiency.

ERKA Stethoscopes: A 125 year devotion to quality, accuracy and efficiency.

"The best is just good enough..."

With a heritage of 125 years and 4 generations of German craftsmanship, ERKA provides a masterful collection of handcrafted stethoscopes. ERKA stands for quality, ergonomics & user-oriented design to complement the abilities of clinical professionals & to-be professionals.

Built on Heritage, Crafted with a purpose: Just for you. 

Founded in 1889 in Berlin Germany - ERKA has always emphasised ease of use, durability and functionality. With user quality and experience taking precedence within the company philosophy, clinicians can be confident that these tools will be right for the job. 

Accounting for individuals' professions & preferences, ERKA provides an extensive range of high-quality offerings. Whether you're a seasoned professional looking for a top-of-the-line stethoscope or a student preparing for your first university prac class; ERKA will have the right stethoscope for you.

Shapes, Sizes, Styles - Superb. 

Every user is unique and every profession has different needs. ERKA understands this and offers an equally impressive range of stethoscopes to suit.

Take the 'ERKA Sensitive' for example. It comes as a single-side chromium plated chest-piece with patented dual membrane tubing and super soft silicone ear tips. A design perfectly simple, yet intentional.

If you're looking for an affordable stethoscope with a great design - Look no further than the 'ERKA Finesse² '. A reversible, combination chest-piece with convex membranes and non-chill faces finished beautifully again in silver-chromium. 
These are just two top-of-the-range stethoscopes out of the many created for clinicians. 

ERKA understands that stethoscopes are the bread & butter for so many professionals and do their part by providing global support network for calibration and servicing. 

Bang for your buck? Check. 

The ERKA Stethoscope collection ranges between $70 AUD - $240+ AUD, which means they provide both affordable and super-premium options with the common denominator being a consistently high-quality product relative to the price. Some great features include comfortable super-soft ear tips, non-chill rings as well as protective cases.

These numbers are justified when considering the ERKA patented internal convex membranes, dual-channel tubing and acoustics which provide incomparable sound quality and detection capabilities. If durability, ease of use and functionality are at the forefront of your requirements - then ERKA stethoscopes are definitely something to consider. 

If you'd like to see the entire collection, feel free to have a look at the link below. 

The ERKA stethoscope collection

ERKA Sensitive x Porsche Stethoscope 


Learn how to change your Erka Sensitive, Precise and Classic non-chill ring.


Curious? Learn more about ERKA Finesse² & Precise


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