W&Hmed MS 22 Autoclave


Sterilisation with high hygiene standards, guaranteed by the closed-door drying process with anti-bacterial filter and the use of clean water in each cycle. The MS has cycles for wrapped and unwrapped instruments with an automatic drying process. If your primary tasks involve sterilising solid instruments in pouches or exposed, the MS 22 Autoclave with no vacuum is best suited to this need.

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EN13060 Classification N-type Cycle
ST55 Classification Gravity Displacement

Enjoy the features of:

High hygiene standards: for your peace of mind
Special drying features: ensure processed items are easy to handle
Large capacity: 22 litres for high workload
Low power consumption
Accurate distribution: of sterilization temperature and thus high efficiency
Anti-dust filter: for long service intervals
Simple user interface: for comfortable handling and maintenance
Modular feet: for easy installation

Power supply: 200-240V AC; 50/60 Hz; 8.75 A
Power consumption: 1.75 kW

Overall dimensions: 450 x 435 x 599 mm
Usable chamber space: 195 x 195 x 390 mm
Weight (empty): 40kg

Chamber Size: 22 litres
Main / used water tanks: 4 / 3.5 litres

Printer serial Port x 1 
Integrated automatic water filling valve 

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