Vermed VersaTrode ECG Electrode


VERMED VersaTrode Wet Gel ECG Electrode is a versatile Snap AND Tab electrode that can connect directly with Snap cable or Alligator clip. It is also MR Conditional and Radiolucent making it available for use in all departments. Save time and money - no need to change electrodes between different ECG and monitoring devices. It allows a practice, clinic or hospital to reduce the variety of stock required with this all in one solution that can stay on the patient through multiple departments. This electrode is validated for 48 hours of continuous monitoring making it a versatile option for ambulance, hospital and clinic.


  • Wet Gel Snap and Tab connections
  • MR Conditional and X-Ray Radiolucent
  • Latex Free
  • Made in Austria


Please order in the following quantities;

  • 60 / Pouch
  • 1200 / Box
  • 4800 / Carton

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