Dormo LEH36 | 36x50mm Wet Gel Foam Stress ECG Electrode

by Telic Group
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The Dormo LEH36 Foam Stress is a Wet Gel Stress ECG electrode manufactured by the Telic Group in Spain with a 36x50mm contact surface. The Wet Gel can help to reduce artefact as it maintains better contact with the contours of the human skin surface. The LEH has a stronger Adhesive than the similar LF36 and can be used for longer applications such as Stress ECG and Holter Monitoring due to these adhesive properties.


  • Dimensions: 36x50mm
  • Material: Foam
  • Gel: Wet
  • Connection: Stud | Snap
  • Adhesive: Strong


Please order in the following quantities;

  • 50 / Pouch
  • 1000 / Box
  • 4000 / Carton


To order online please select the '10+' value in the drop down menu. This will allow you to type in the quantity required as outlined in the 'packaging' description above. 


If you would like to arrange a trial of our electrodes please use the contact page to make a request. Samples can be dispatched at management's discretion.


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