ProtectFilm Transparent IV Dressing - 50/Box

by Farmac-Zabban

ProtectFilm IV is a sterile transparent IV fixation dressing for securing IV Cannula or Catheters with a reinforced layer, securing strips and recording label. 

The device features a water vapour-permeable adhesive film which allows expiration to escape. The structure of the film prevents water, bacteria and other microbes from penetrating the dressing which also allows the patient to wear it in the shower. ProtectFilm IV can be worn for up to 14 days, depending on the condition and age of the patient. 

The adhesive is a transparent polyurethane acrylate. There is a longitudinal pre cut that determines the formation of two parallel strips of tape that can be separated from each other and used to secure the cannula to the dressing. The recording label is designed to allow transcription of the dressing date for future reference. 

This device is a single use device and is Latex Free.

Part Numbers and Pricing

Part Number Size Quantity / Box Price
50/Box $55.00


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