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Dispoway Polyurethane IV Cannula - 50 / Box

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DispoWay PenCath I.V. Cannula used in Humans, Small and Large Animals. These cannulas are short stay cannulas made from premium PUR (Polyurethane) plastic.

Quantity: 50 / Box

Size, colour, catheter length and flow rates are as follows:

Gauge Size Colour Length (mm)** Flow Rate
Orange 45mm
270 mL/min
Grey 45mm
200 mL/min
Green 45mm
90 mL/min
Pink 32mm
60 mL/min
Blue 25mm
36 mL/min
Yellow 19mm
23 mL/min


** Please note that this is the length of the cannula / catheter and NOT the length of the needle.

*** Please note this product will only be sold to medical professionals. 

Smaller Neonatal and Small Animal cannulas / catheters can be found here.

Digital Inservice

- This 1m video shows the 14G cannula being used by a Equine Vet to administer an IV giving set.