LED Surtron EVAC Smoke Evacuation System

by LED

The LED Surtron EVAC is an aspiration and filtering system for the smoke produced during surgical procedures. 

Smoke generated during surgical procedures smell obnoxious, are poisonous and are sometimes even carcinogenic. These smokes consist of water vapour, organic gas, visible or invisible solid particles and viral particles. Therefore, having a reliable aspiration and filtration system that eliminates bad smells and reduces the risk for clinicians.

The LED Surtron EVAC smoke evacuation can be activated using three methods:

  • Automatic activation via the remote electronic system which activates in unison when a High-Frequency Electrosurgical unit is used. 
  • Manual activation via direct control of the unit 
  • Activation using a footswitch (optional).

Technical Data:

Max Vacuum flow rate: 1000 LPF (35 CFM)
Max Static Suction: 250 mbar (83 in H2O)
Filter Type: ULPA with active carbon
Filter Efficiency: 99.999X%
Particles Size Diameter: 0.12 Micron
Size WxHxD mm 370 x 144 x 319 mm
Weight: 4kg
Main Power: 230 - 50/60 Hz
Inlet Power: 800 VA
2xT 4AL, 250V (5x20mm)
Class: I CF



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