Hans Rudolph 7450 Metabolic Testing Mask

by Hans Rudolph
Hans Rudolph Oro-Nasal 7450 reusable mask with ~30mm flexible silicon adapter and custom headpiece with velcro straps. This mask is the standard for metabolic testing and suitable for use with the following Metabolic Carts;
  • Cosmed Quark CPET
  • Cosmed K5/K4
  • Cosmed Fitmate
  • Medgraphics (various)
  • Carefusion Vyntus CPX
  • Jaeger Oxycon
  • Sensormedics Vmax
  • Other - Volume / Flow Sensors with an approximate diameter of 30mm will be compatible. 


  • Extra Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
Other Hans Rudolf products available upon request. Please use the Stark Medical contact page to discuss specifics.

Hans Rudolph Corporate Video
- This 7 minute video details the Hans Rudolph company and product portfolio

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