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Droper Vet Infusion Pump

by Droper
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Reliable, robust and easy-to-use, the Droper Vet is suitable for various situations requiring an IV drip. This infusion pump uses mechanical compression without the need of an IV pole, electricity, batteries, or physical intervention. Autonomous, it allows the rescuer to focus on medical care by releasing him from any IV-drip handling.

Veterinary applications include constant rate infusion of basic electrolyte solutions (eg Hartmanns including additives), isotonic fluids (eg 0.9% sodium chloride), hypertonic fluids (eg 7.2% sodium chloride), colloids (eg hetastarch), plasma and blood. Fluids can be given in a range of clinical settings eg field, hospital and surgery setting. It can also be used in mechanical debridement of contaminated or infected wounds.

The perfusion progress can be viewed at all times through the upper fully clear window and through an emptying indicator put on the moving tray front panel.