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Droper Field Infusion Pump

by Droper
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Reliable, robust and easy-to-use, the Droper field is suitable for various situations requiring an IV drip. 

Field applications include constant rate infusion of basic electrolyte solutions, isotonic fluids (eg 0.9% sodium chloride), plasma and blood. Fluids can be given in a range of clinical settings eg field, hospital and surgical settings.

The perfusion progress can be viewed at all times through the upper fully clear window and through an emptying indicator put on the moving tray front panel.


Flexibility & Ease-of-use for Rescuers.
This infusion pump uses mechanical compression without the need for an IV pole, electricity, batteries, or physical intervention. Autonomous, it allows the rescuer to focus on medical care by releasing them from any IV-drip handling.

Safer for the patients
Droper can be used in various positions, in any confined situations (caving, collapsed buildings, mountain rescues & gravity free situations.

Stable Delivery
The Droper can deliver a stable flow of fluid regardless of the location, pressure and lack of gravity.


Material: Polypropylene

Weight: 1.9kg

Dimensions: 343 x 227 x 115 mm

Drip-bag size compatibility: 250mL up to 1000mL

Flow range: 0 - 8.3 litres / hour (ISO 8536-4) - (5 L per hour with 18G catheter)

Emptying rate: 95% - 100% depending on Droper positioning.

Power supplyOnly mechanical


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