Dina Rinsing Professional Set

by Hega Medical

Dina stainless steel Rinsing Gun and professional set. 

The professional set includes 8 attachments and 1 attachment holder and can be used with Dina and Nova rising guns. These attachments are designed for flexibility in cleaning medical equipment / instruments. The attachments are 'plug and play' with no screwing required and can handle pressures up to 10 bar / 145 psi with water or air. Attachments include a luer lock system for cleaning endoscopes, a catheter attachment, a water jet pump, and a bottle cleaner with a silicon gasket and a wide spray pattern for rinsing bottles, beakers and flasks. The holder is a 2mm stainless steel plate with dimensions of 280 x 40mm and a self-adhesive base. 

We supply each gun with a 3m reinforced PVC hose which can be easily shortened depending on the requirements of the facility.

Digital Inservice

-This 2m video shows how to use the Dina and Nova rinsing guns with the attachments, brushes and accessories

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