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Fitmate Med

by Cosmed
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The Fitmate MED measures maximal Oxygen Uptake, considered the Gold Standard in measuring Exercise Capacity and in quantifying Aerobic Fitness.

When combined with traditional stress ECG, the Fitmate MED is able to assess the Functional Capacity, overcoming the limits of conventional cardiovascular stress test without the need for expensive equipment.

The Fitmate MED also provides full Spirometry, Nutritional Assessment and Multiple Scores for Cardiovascular Risk Analysis. The Fitmate MED has been validated against the “Gold Standard” Douglas Bag for VO2 measurements at rest and during exercise.

The Fitmate devices do not require calibration gas. An auto calibration happens prior to the test and automatically through the test.

Package Includes

  • Fitmate Pro Unit
  • Carry Case
  • PC Software
  • Battery Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Oxygen Sensor
  • Roll of thermal paper
  • Measuring Tape
  • RMR Flowmeter ID18
  • VO2 Flowmeter ID28
  • Reusable VO2 mask (Medium size)
  • HR probe and belt
  • Head cap for VO2 testing
  • Anit Bacterial filters (15 pcs)

Fitmate Applications

- This 3 min video details various Fitmate applications as seen in the field