Carefusion SpiroUSB PC Based Spirometer


The SpiroUSB™ is a type of Spirometer that plugs directly into the USB port of your PC, without the need for any additional docking station or data uploading. Using a Laptop or Notebook, with the SpiroUSB™ allows complete portability.

The SpiroUSB™ is supplied with Spirometry PC Software
(SPCS). With a user-friendly multi-window interface, up to
58 spirometric indices can be measured. Both Open and
Closed-loop test techniques can be used and graphical
child incentives are included. The long term trending of
patient results, lung age calculation, and textual result
interpretation are also featured.

SpiroUSB Specifications

Power supply: Input 5V 0.1A
Dimensions: 50x60x90mm
Weight: 130g
Operating Temperature: 0 + 40ºC
Operating Humidity: 30% to 90% RH
Storage Temperature: -20 to +70º
Storage Humidity: 10% to 90% RH
Predicted Value: Various - depends upon national preference.
Transducer: Carefusion Bi-Directional Digital Volume
Accuracy: +/-3%. To ATS recommendations – Standardisation of spirometry 1994 update for flows and volumes.
Measurements: See SPCS operating manual for details of all the spirometry measurements available.

Read our step-by-step guide on the SpiroUSB software installation and set-up. 

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