Carefusion Microlab Spirometer with PC Software

by CareFusion

The Carefusion MicroLab Spirometer is an easy-to-use, reliable and well proven medical spirometer coupled with Spirometry PC software allowing connectivity to the medical practice. When disconnected from the PC, the high-definition colour touch screen and stylus enable the user to navigate the intuitive icon driven menu system with ease. The portable MicroLab employs Vyaire's Gold Standard Turbine measurement technology, which is accurate and reproducible as certified by the American Thoracic Society (ATS), the internationally recognised body for spirometry performance.

The Microlab is supplied with Spirometry PC Software (SPCS). With a user-friendly multi-window interface, up to 58 spirometric indices can be measured. Both Open and Closed-loop test techniques can be used and graphical child incentives are included. The long term trending of patient results, lung age calculation, and textual result interpretation are also featured.


  • Spirometry PC Software (SPCS)
  • Integration with Medical Director and Best Practice software
  • Real Time viewing capability with Quality Checks on screen for ATS Standards (e.g. Slow Start, Abrupt End, Cough Detected, etc)
  • 2000+ Patient test memory when disconnected from the PC. 
  • Child incentive screens (Bubblegum Kid, Milkshake Kid, Wolf) can help improve patient compliance
  • MicroLab has a built-in thermal strip printer for instant reports which can be attached to a physical patient file. 
  • 45 Expiratory and Inspiratory Indices measured (including Relaxed Indices) and 20+ predicted values available in Spirometry PC software
  • Lung Age Assessment and Result Interpretation by ATS, BTS-NICE or Enright

Practice Management Software Integrations with SPCS

Best Practice Software

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Medical Director Software

Clinical User Guide - Click Here

Customer Support - 1300 300 161

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