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Erbe is a German family-owned and operated company founded in 1851 with a focus on manufacturing and production of medical instruments in the fields of electrosurgery, general surgery & much more. Erbe is a leader in medical technology development as their research team consists of over 170 people who collaborate frequently with renowned individuals from medical school & hospitals.

StarkMed currently offers some products from Erbe's electrosurgical line which can be used in conjunction with several different electrosurgery units. 

Erbe BiPolar Forceps & Erbe BiPolar Forceps Cable


StarkMed offers 3 variants of the Erbe BiPolar Forceps:

Forcep Type Length  Tip Length Clasp
Straight Forceps (Fine Tip) 150mm  8mm  Punctiform
Straight Forceps (1mm Blunt Tip)  145mm 10mm Punctiform
Straight Forceps (Fine Tip) 105mm 6mm Punctiform

Maximum Washer / Disinfector temperature - 95ºC
Maximum Autoclave Temperature - 134ºC
Maximum Electrical Capacity - 4kVp.

Bipolar Forcep Cable

The Erbe Bipolar cable comes with a length of 4 meters and uses a 28mm, 2 pin connection and European flat plug.

Erbe EcoLine Pencils

The Erbe Ecoline Pencil features two buttons allowing for both Cutting and Coagulation. These pencils are compatible with VIO, ICC, ACC and also non-erbe diathermy units with the standard 3-pin connection.

The pencil comes with a 4meter cable.
Max. electrical capacity - 5kVp.

Erbe Needle Electrode

Used to carry-out radiofrequency ablation and other electrosurgical processes.

Straight, Insulated, 0.8 x 22mm, length 40mm  

Erbe Spatula Electrode

These Spatula Electrodes can be used in open surgical specialist disciplines.

Erbe Spatula Electrode with Insulation. 2.3 x 19mm tip. Length 45mm.
These are packaged in a box of 20 Electrodes.

Maximum Electrical Capacity 4.3kVp.

Erbe Patient Return Electrode & Patient Plate Cable 

The Erbe Nessy® (Neutral electrode Safety System) OMEGA Split is suitable for various diathermy applications. The single use electrode connects directly to a reusable patient return cable. 

Some features include:

  • 85cm2 Contact Surface
  • High current density and partial heating avoided despite small return electrode area
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Skin-compatible contact layer 

The plates are packaged in a box of 50.  

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