Apex VacMaxi Suction Pump (46LPM)

Apex VacMaxi -  Made in Taiwan

The VAC-series pump is Apex Medical’s most recent generation
of portable suction units and has been designed to combine
function with aesthetic appeal and meet the needs of today’s
hygiene and infection control requirements.

The VacMaxi is a waterproof suction pump that provides the most powerful The device is available with a rechargeable battery. 

All Apex VAC Suction devices have adjustable pressure dials used to change the power of the device to suit the patient. There are no values assigned the the dial, therefore users should test the suction power before using on patients. 

Some other features include:

  • Maximum Flow Rate: 46 LPM
  • Maximum Pressure: 600mmHg (adjustable)
  • Car Charger Adapter 
  • Powered by AC and rechargeable Ni-MH battery
  • Canister Size: 1800mL
  • Warranty: 2 years

    The product will include:

    • VacMaxi Suction Unit
    • Large 1800mL Canister
    • Filter and Adapters
    • Suction Tubing
    • AC Adapter


    Vac Maxi Setup - Follow these steps in order to ensure your product works. These steps can also be found in the instruction manual. 

    Activating the Vac Electrical System

    1.  Before using the VacPlus (AD / DC type suction unit) for the first time, insert the safety jack into the slot at the bottom of the device to turn on the electrical system.

    2. AC Operation: Plug the power connector to the AC to DC adaptor into the suction unit. Plug the cord into a grounded AC supply.

      Battery Operation: The suction unit is equipped with a high-capacity, embedded rechargeable battery. For the initial charge for a new unit, fully charge the battery for a minimum of 5 hours.

    First Use

    1. Inspect the suction pump and the accessories for damage or wear, replace as necessary 

    2. Place the suction pump on a flat, stable surface.

    3. Keep both the power switch and the pressure regulator knob within reachable distance of the person operating it.

    4. Seal the canister properly with lid and then put the sealed canister into the canister holder.

    5. Make sure the device power is off (O) - turn suction pressure to the minimum level and plug the power cord into an appropriate electrical outlet.

    6. Connect the 6cm connection tube to the air inlet of the suction unit, then to the hydrophobic filter; and also connect 25cm connection tube to the fluid side of the hydrophobic filter, then to the air outlet of the canister.

    7. Connect 180cm patient tubing to the fluid inlet of the canister lid.

    8. Turn on the device by flipping the switch to the (I) position. Adjust the suction pressure to the correct level to start the suction procedure. 

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